Melody - when is it time for breakfast

ONSEI's intelligent personal assistant for hotels: AI Made in Germany in cooperation with

jaz in the city


A digital assistant for hotels

Ask your car to guide you to your destination while you are already driving, ask a quick question to your smartphone, switch the lights on or play your favorite music in your smart home - all via voice: Voice assistants have become part of our every day lives.
When we are traveling and staying in a hotel, we also want to feel completely at home and not miss out on any luxury. ONSEI recognized this need and a new project idea was born:
An intelligent personal assistant in the hotel room.
No more need to contact the hotel staff for general questions like the Wifi Password, extra entertainment and orders. Always available, quick to help and easy to use. Made in Germany and GDPR compliant.

Melody @ Jaz in the City Vienna

In the Jaz in the City Vienna ONSEI has found a modern hotel partner: Jaz in the City delivers unique experiences through music, art and innovation. Digtal, urban and more than anything ready to please their guests, the brand keeps challenging the status quo and experimenting with the new.
The pilot phase has been running since autumn 2022 and guests can speak to the newest digital employee 24/7: Melody! She answers questions about the hotel and stay, entertains with radio or Jaz's own DJ sets, can order missing travel items from the reception or, for example, make a wake-up call.

Also information such as the time, weather forecast or news can be requested quickly and easily. And should Melody ever not be able to help, she can set up a call to reception. Melody is designed to learn more features and do many more tasks in the future. Individually adapted to the hotel, the hotel location and the needs of the guests.
Currently, Melody just speaks German, but English and more languages are in the planning.


  • when is check-out?
  • play House.
  • how does the Wifi work?
  • what's the weather tomorrow?
  • set an alarm for tomorrow 8 o'clock!
  • I forgot my toothbrush.
  • & much more

A voice assistant - Made in Germany

Data security and privacy are essential for the hotel use case. Therefore ONSEI has found the ideal conditions as a partner in the Fraunhofer SPEAKER project: SPEAKER aims to build a Voice assistant platform "Made in Germany" and according to European standards of data security, that can compete at an international level. For SPEAKER, experts for conversational AI from industry and science have joined forces to develop language components on the basis of various implementation projects and to test them. In this context, ONSEI has developed a smart speaker that not only operates in compliance with the GDPR, but also has the option to be hosted locally.

Du hast Melody getestet?

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